Experience... life on the TS Royalist

The Square Rigger Club was formed to provide support in men, materiel and money for the Sea Cadets square rigged sail training brig TS Royalist.

Welcome to the Square Rigger Club Charity 2017

Our members can enjoy the thrill of sailing on the TS RoyalistDuring the past year, TS Royalist has had a successful season, circumnavigating England, Scotland and Wales with a passage through the Caledonia Canal and back to Gosport through the course of the summer. The new ship has settled into its routine and is serving the Sea Cadets well. There have been two successful and enjoyable charters of the ship by the Square Rigger Club, both of which provided the exhilaration of sailing the English Channel to Cherbourg.

Although the SRCC is a charity, it takes on the form of an enthusiast Club in supporting the ship and the young people who sail in her. Many young Sea Cadets need help and financial support in achieving their ambition to sail offshore in TS Royalist and the SRCC provides bursary assistance and also items of equipment for the ship. In return for the good work which the charity does and in order to raise funds, the SRCC organises and offers a number of charters each year for adults to enjoy the experience and thrills in sailing a square rigger much in the manner of Nelson's days but now with the innovation of engines and bow thruster when required!

Please click through to 'Charters' to find out about the two exciting SRCC Charters in TS Royalist taking place in 2017!

It has never been easier to join the Square Rigger Club Charity or take part in a charter of the new TS Royalist. You can do both on line - [join here] or just click on the appropriate banner in the side bar.

We hope you will find this website informative and interesting. If you have any comments, queries or need help with Membership or Charter applications, please contact the appropriate club official on the relevant email or contact number.