Join The Square Rigger Club

Join The Square Rigger Club

Why Join?

To help and assist young people, members of the Sea Cadets to take part and enjoy offshore sailing, particularly in TS Royalist, the flagship of the Sea Cadets.

To take an interest in offshore sailing, whether active or passive and learn about the new TS Royalist, built during the winter of 2014/2015 and to be commissioned in May 2015. This ship replaces the previous ship, which successfully served the Sea Cadets for forty three years. The new ship continues in the rig of a brig, is very slightly larger and equipped with the latest innovations but still following the traditions of square rig sailing.

Meet and make friends and join in the adult charters of the SRCC. Usually there are two charters each year and these take place in different parts of the UK, sometimes the Channel Isles and France during the course of a season with a charter taking place in May and the one later in September. One or more of the charters each year is likely to take place on the south coast starting and finishing at Gosport. They are to be recommended even if you have no experience, never sailed before and wish to complete one of life’s ambitions!

How to Join

Is has never been easier and you can join on line now! The SRCC offer a variety of subscriptions. These are in effect charity donations and we award a rank to the higher subscription although a subscription at whatever affordable level is much appreciated.

Our online joining system offers membership and payment in a multitude of ways. These include Direct Debit, the easiest way and instant. You can also join on line and complete the process at your leisure by Bacs payment. Alternatively, you can download our pdf membership application form and return to us by post or scan and email it to us.

The online joining method is new in 2015 and we shall be improving its efficiency as it settles down. If you have any query during the joining process please contact our membership secretary by email.

Benefits of Joining

  • Contribution to a good and worthy cause
  • Discounted charter applications for the SRCC adult charters
  • Attend social functions of the SRCC especially the annual AGM
  • Meet and make friendship with like-minded lovers of the sea
  • Learn and observe the activity of the training of the Sea Cadets
  • Learn to sail a square rigged sailing ship!





Want to learn more and Join?

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Alternatively, if you would like to complete a membership Form and return it by post (or email) to the Membership Secretary, [click here] to download a Joining Form.

If you do not have the Reader you can download it here:

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