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Sailing In TS Royalist

Members of the Square Rigger Club have the opportunity of sailing TS ROYALIST on at least two weekends each year. The ship takes twenty four crew and has a permanent crew of eight. Additionally, there may be a longer weekend or a week's charter dependent on the availability of the ship. These weekends are for adults only, age ranges from 18 years to 70's plus, the only prerequisite being the enthusiasm tempered with a reasonable level of fitness. No previous experience of sailing ships is required, as all training will be provided on board. Details of charters for the current year are now available.

For Details of Club Charters, click here.

For those who have built up some experience sailing in TS ROYALIST, there are the opportunities for training as watch officers and crew with the Sea Cadets. There is a permanent crew of five plus watch officers and trainees on board. Female crew is especially encouraged as it is mandatory to have adult female crew on board when sailing with female cadets. For information, contact the Offshore Commander or Captain of TS Royalist.

Additional opportunities for sailing occur through independent organisation by members themselves. On occasion members have organised yacht charter and even sailing in the Sea Cadet yachts with supplied skipper. Also there have been at least two occasions when a crew has been organised to sail Brixham trawlers and one member organised a party of Square Rigger Club members to crew a yacht from Gibraltar. There are no limits on what like-minded club members may organise amongst themselves. If you have an idea, discuss with the Hon Secretary or Charter Secretary and even consider placing a small ad in the Club Newsletter or on Club's Facebook page. [Facebook].